Behavior deteriorates – Tripleaspanking – Rude Rachel’s Tearful Punishment – An ultimatum…..take a spanking girl! – Spanking girl

Behavior deteriorates - Tripleaspanking – Rude Rachel’s Tearful Punishment - An ultimatum.....take a spanking girl! - Spanking girl

Rachel Adams makes a most welcome return but we somehow think that she bets she didn’t… as this latest film shows. It’s a real screaming, spanking snot-fest as she rudely answers back and insults the hotel manager when she is confronted by him for her appalling behavior.

The complaints about the noise from her room mean hotel manager, Paul Rogers, has to deal with the situation which has upset all the other guests. She tests his patience until he offers her an ultimatum, get out, or take a spanking girl! She thinks the spanking girl will be easy and decides to take that option… how wrong she is.

The hand spanking girl over her tight jeans progresses to a bare bottom smacking as her jeans and panties are pulled down, shaming her when she continues to sass the manager.

Her behavior deteriorates and he uses a hairbrush found on the side table. By now, Rachel is really starting to feel this punishment, as the painful spanking girl brings free-flowing tears and a stream of unrelenting nasal mucous, in between the crying and screaming that no doubt the other hotel guests would have been able to hear!

Rachel will be one very contrite and sorry young lady, respecting the other guests’ peace and quiet that evening as she will no doubt hide out in shame and embarrassment.

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